Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kiama Pie Shop, Kiama

This is a really brief post because it's currently pretty hectic around here because of Chinese New Year - gong xi fa cai! So I'm a total pie addict, and a year before I developed an obsession for tonkotsu ramen, I planned a hunt for the best meat pie in Sydney. For some reason that journey never really took off (I haven't even visited Harry's Cafe de Wheels, mortal sin) but after a chance visit to Kiama Pie Shop during Schoolies on the NSW south coast, I'm ready to revive that dream.

Big Blowhole $6

We stopped at this place for brunch on our last day in Kiama, carrying all our giant backpacks and duffel-bags to the train station. The pie shop operates as a local cafe, with cosy lounges and a long table that was able to seat our entire party of ten; their signature is the "Big Blowhole", an ode to the main tourist attraction of the seaside town. This consisted of any pie topped with mashed potato, peas and gravy, a combination I first tasted at a Pie Face branch and I must say, this place blew them out of the water (that's a pun. I'm funny.)

Their pies were gorgeous, I had the cheese and bacon big blowhole and honestly - pastry, cheese, bacon, beef, potato, peas and gravy - how could anyone complain? The pastry was flaky (see photo below) and golden, the filling rich and meaty, the mash and peas creamy, soft, perfect and the gravy thick and tasty. A bargain at only $6. The next two photos are taken by Lisa.

Kiama Pie Shop
3 Railway Parade, Kiama 2533
Telephone: (02) 4232 2649

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  1. Can't believe you haven't been to Harry's Cafe de Wheels! Such joy - mushy pea-related bliss on Woolo wharf in summertime. I believe you are in for quite a treat then :)

  2. I know! I pass the Haymarket shop every time I go for ramen and yet I've never had the opportunity to stop and tuck in. But soon, I shall! And at the original one too :)