Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suwahre Rice Cakes, Eastwood

A small, quick post as I've been very busy here in Shanghai (shopping!). Before I left for China, Fiona took me to lunch at her favourite place for ddeokbokki, Suwahre Rice Cakes in Eastwood. Ddeokbokki is a popular Korean dish of rice cake with vegetables and fish cake braised in gochujang hot paste, so keeping in mind that I'm a total chilli wimp and that Korean food is known to be very spicy, you have to commend me on managing to not cry this time. Fi introduced me to this dish last year by buying a take-away container of the most unexpectedly hot ddeokbokki in Strathfield. Little did we know we'd be spending the next hour with tears of pain in our eyes and our mouths on fire. Our limited supply of water did little to soothe the burning that engulfed my tongue, gums and cheeks, and the pain only subsided into hot numbness after what seemed like an hour - it was the un-godliest, most hell-fire-summoning stuff that has ever entered my regretful mouth, it was hotter than Nigella Lawson in a sauna but not nearly as pleasant. I was very relieved that the ddeokbokki at Suwahre was nothing of the sort.

Ddeokbokki, Suwahre
Ddeokbokki $5 (small, eat in)

Chewy rice cake, with vegetables and fish cake in a hot, sweet and tangy sauce, which was moreish despite the (mild) burn. This is served with a bowl of side soup, a clear broth which Fi doesn't touch, informing me it is essentially "water and MSG" (statement requires validation). There is also roasted barley tea in tumblers which you can refill your glasses with.

Ddeokbokki, Suwahre

Suwahre Rice Cakes
18 Railway Pde, Eastwood NSW 2122
Telephone: (02) 9874 1122

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  1. I believe the soup is an anchovy stock base that is used to cook the fish cake (odeng) soup.