Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ichi-ban Boshi, Sydney CBD

The second destination of Ramengeddon was Ichi-ban Boshi, on the top level of The Galeries Victoria next to Kinokuyia. I had timed it so we'd get in right after 2PM, the time they start serving their famed tonkotsu ramen, which is limited to 15 bowls a day. There's aways people waiting outside for a table, the system involves writing down your name, the number of seats you need and whether you're okay with sharing a table and the hostess calls you when a space becomes available. After missing being called for our table (second time this has happened, we must be deaf), I was pleased there was still tonkotsu to be had.

Tonkotsu Ramen, Ichi-ban Boshi
Tonkotsu ramen $10.90 with soft boiled egg $1

The tonkotsu ramen here is a simple fare, with minimal topping of a slice of cha-su, a piece of nori, shallots and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. We order an extra topping of egg, because no ramen is complete without an egg. Despite its simplicity, the dish is nearly perfect - what little has been done in this bowl has been done well. The broth here is nearly godly, second only to Gumshara, the flavour of pork is strong and the consistency is rich without being over-bearingly thick. The noodles are of the thinner, smooth variety, made freshly on location and are cooked wonderfully al dente. I have no complaints about the cha-su and the egg is seasoned and beautifully soft-boiled, with a perfect googie yolk. We finish every last drop of broth in the bowl and stared longingly at its sad emptiness. Thank god we ordered gyoza as well...
Gyoza, Ichi-ban Boshi
Gyoza $6.50 (5 pieces)

The gyoza arrives in a shallow pool of vinegar, topped with shallots and a dollop of chilli sauce, a row of pan-fried bottoms enticingly facing us. The skin was golden and as crisp as it looks, coupled with a pleasingly spongey pork filling with hints of garlic. The sour vinegar dressing complimented the savoury dumplings, while the chilli contributed a piquant note (thank you Georgia for the words).

Green tea latte, Ichi-ban Boshi
Iced green tea cappuccino $4.50

I love green tea flavouring in everything so I could not pass up the iced green tea cappuccino, topped with milky froth and dusted with brown sugar, it is also served with a small pouring cup of syrup to add sweetness. I usually add about half the syrup to achieve the perfect balance of the flavours of green tea, coffee, milk and sweetness. Oh, what satisfaction.

Ichi-ban Boshi
Level 2, 500 George Street, Galeries Victoria, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9262 7677

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  1. Omgosh...I may be allergic to egg and spicy foods but even that looks delicious enough for me to take the risk and carry my epi-pen with me :P

    Love the photos and descriptions, the choice of words makes it feel as if I can almost smell it :)

    Kudos to another brilliant post!

  2. Your photos make the food look so amazingly delicious.

  3. Georgia, the food was amazingly delicious!

  4. What a price for ramen in Sydney! That's a heckuva good value, and my doesn't it look delicious. When I first moved to Sydney I was surprised to find so many fine ramen facilities. But now I think I found the winner!