Friday, March 4, 2011

Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar, Earlwood

Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar is my local pizza joint, ever since it opened up last year two blocks away, I've stopped ordering pizza from Domino/Pizza Hut/Crust. I've been hooked on their Vegetarian Supreme (even though I'm usually carnivorous, yes) ever since trying a sample their opening night and it's become a pre-requisite of every order I make. This was the order that kicked off my vegetarian week and provided sustenance in times of laziness. I know I'm waxing lyrical but I've been through over half their menu and there legitimately wasn't a single thing I didn't like.

Vegetarian Supreme, Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar
Vegetarian Supreme $18.90

The vegetarian supreme consists of artichokes, grilled eggplant, roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, spanish onions and pesto aioli on a tomato base. The pesto aioli is the real kicker, it's so amazing I've had dreams about it (well, one). There was this one time they had forgotten to add it and I wept in disappointment while contemplating whether to chase after the delivery boy. The eggplant is also brilliant (and so is their char-grilled eggplant pizza).

Zante Vegetarian, Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar
Zante Vegetarian $18.90

Zante vegetarian involved tomato, garlic, kalamata olives, Spanish onions, crumbled feta, topped with oregano and olive oil on a tomato base. This was simple and tasty in an understated manner, the mild flavours of tomato and mozzarella punctuated by salty bursts of feta and olives. Yum. Even the leftovers (yes, reheated pizza) were good.

Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar
Shop 13, 192-194 William Street, Earlwood 2206
Telephone: 1300 10 40 40

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  1. lol aren't food dreams the best! that aioli sounds freaking awesome

  2. looks yummo. wish a place like this was closer to me to try :-)

  3. They're fairly new but I'm pretty sure they're franchising so maybe, soon there will be! (:

  4. This pizza looks amazing! I love cheeseburger pizza. Totally one of my Friday night favs. Mmm,Pizza Bar

  5. Hamburger pizza! Hahaha tacky deliciousness mmm