Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ton Ton Takeaway, Sydney CBD

Nearing the end of my Sydney Ramen Safari now, we recoupe and head to Ton Ton Takeaway in Chifley Square (after some failed navigation on my part) for part three of Ramengeddon. Located in a small food court, we order at the counter a bowl of TonTon ramen with a boiled egg.

TonTon Ramen, TonTon Chifley
TonTon Ramen $9.80 and boiled egg $1

The bowl arrives with the broth tinged orange, indicating the slightly spiced tonkotsu, with the noodles buried beneath seaweed, bean sprouts, two slices of cha-su, a piece of nori, shallots and sesame seeds. After the triumph that was Menya and Ichi-ban Boshi, I couldn't help but to feel a little let down by Ton Ton in comparison - the spicy broth was a bit too hot for Georgia and Fieldhouse, not exactly thick and a little oily, though it was rather flavoursome. The pork was lean, lacking the ribbons of fat that, in my opinion, is required for the perfect cha-su and the egg was sadly plain. The noodles were thin and smooth but decent, while seaweed and bean sprout contribute some unconventional but welcome additions to the dish. Overall, this wasn't bad, but was our least favourite ramen of the day.

Green tea soft serve, Mizuya
Green tea soft serve $1

On the way down George St, there was a sign outside Mizuya flogging an Autumn special of $1 green tea soft serves (takeaway only). I really, really love green tea flavoured anything, so that wasn't even a question. It was awesome. Hand art courtesy of Angela Fieldhouse.

Ton Ton Takeaway
Level 1 Chifley Plaza, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9222 9960

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  1. nothing beats tonaksu :)

    i love their green tea yogurt :):):)

  2. Omg green tea yoghurt? I MUST TRY THIS

  3. love ton ton's! i always get the curry udon.. also big fan of their frozen green tea yoghurt :)

  4. Belated comment here, but....

    At Ton Ton's the Karaage ramen is definitely the best. Doesn't have the flavourful pork broth, but they are very generous with extremely delicious pieces of karaage chicken.

  5. Softserve green tea ice cream in Sydney? I have never seen that outside of Tokyo. Can't beat that price either.