Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket

It's almost been two weeks since I last posted and I apologise for leaving you hanging near the end of Ramengeddon, I was terribly inundated by uni and (procrastinating) my essays, I couldn't find time to post but all is done and dusted now, thank god! So yes this is the unofficial end to my Sydney Ramen Safari, finally arriving home at last to Gumshara Ramen, hidden away in Eating World food court in Chinatown. Home, sweet home. Home is where the heart is. Actually I don't think any cliched proverb can even come close to describing my obsessive love for the tonkotsu here. So if you're a vegan (aka Myles, Maitland) you might want to stop reading here because I am about to go on a carnivorous meat-lovin' rampage.

Tonkostu Ramen $9.50 and soft-boiled seasoned egg $1.50

Collagen therapy. Liquid pork injection. Cha-su heaven. Googie egg perfection. Ramen romance in a bowl. If eating pork released endorphins, then I reckon after a bowl of this business, there would be no need for anti-depressants. It might not be the prettiest picture, but everything about the tonkotsu ramen here is as close to perfection as I have ever experienced.

The cha-su is the best I've had anywhere, extremely flavoursome, tender and juicy, streaked with ribbons of fat. The egg is a perfect googie every time, soy-cured and soft boiled to perfection, whites set and the yolk amazingly soft and creamy. The noodles are thick and chewy, coated in the broth... and oh god, the brothSo thick and opaque it is basically liquid pork, the ladle virtually floats upon it and if you leave it sitting for awhile a skin will form. But the lovely thick and salty pork bone broth is what warms my inside better than any drop of alcohol ever will. Some might find the richness overwhelming, and there is a lighter, thinner Hakata soup available as an option, but none of that for me. I dive into collagen-laden tonkotsu and emerge with sticky lips and satisfied.

All toppings $6.50

We also ordered a all toppings bowl, which comes with six slices of cha-su, pickled cabbage, a sheet of nori and a seasoned soft-boiled egg. Self-serve condiments include sesame seeds, chilli flakes, pickled garlic and picked ginger.

Fieldhouse reconstructed a mini bowl of ramen from her share

As if the regular tonkotsu isn't salty enough for me, my usual order at Gumshara is the garlic tonkotsu ramen, which is even saltier version of the tonkotsu broth, with a strong garlic flavour. I then top off this all off with a generous amount of pickled garlic. Definitely not first date material... but it's better than making out anyway.

Gumshara Ramen_garlic tonkotsu
Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen $10.50

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza, Shop 209
25-29 Dixon St Haymarket, 2000

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  1. I love the reconstructed mini ramen. So cute and such attention to detail!

  2. loooooove gumshara! hehe definitely home sweet home!

  3. The pickled cabbage is the most lethally hot thing I have ever tasted - I think it reacts with the pork fat in a way that only a biochemist can explain.

  4. Gumshara's ramen is the best! Especially the Spare Pork rib ramen, it's my favpurite. I went there 2 days in a row last week. I gotta give props to your photos as they look amazing!

  5. Gumshara is certainly the best! I think my favourite is garlic tonkotsu but spare pork rib is definitely second for me. One of my friends went there everyday after school one week, they now know her by name.

  6. I seriously wish people would stop drawing attention to this place, it's getting to the point where the queues might end up here instead of Mamak

    And that would suck.