Monday, April 25, 2011

Live Below the Line

So I picked up some more work the other week and have been mercilessly busy this month juggling two jobs, a club photography gig, moving houses, netball/debating and uni assignments; and in between all the running around and stressing and very little sleep, I've been wishing for nothing more than some rest and free time. So when Easter break came along I decided to take some time out for myself over the five day long weekend and generally be hermit-like.

In an attempt to gain something positive out of my long weekend of inaction, I decided to participate in Live Below the Line this year, which is a campaign run by the Oaktree Foundation aimed at raising funds and awareness to combat extreme poverty. Every year since I've been in Year 7 I've been doing World Vision's 40 Hour Famine, and this year when I discovered this project, I realised that it seems like something I could really use this blog to help out with. Live Below the Line runs from May 16th to the 20th, when I will be spending only $2 a day on food for the five days, in order to experience what it is like for the 1.4 billion people around the world living in extreme poverty.

Considering how much money I spend on eating out on a weekly basis, I really feel privileged to be able to run this blog which really is just evidence of how much better off I am in comparison to so many other people in this world. So help break the cycle of poverty, by helping provide access to education for thousands of children. All efforts will support the Oaktree Foundation's development work and help build schools, train teachers, and provide scholarships for some of the regions the most disadvantaged students. Please sponsor me here, your donation will be tax deductible and if you don't have a credit card, please contact me for other forms of donation. I will be documenting my five days of living below the poverty line here on my food blog to further help raise awareness and encourage others to join this campaign. Thank you!

On an unrelated note, here is my lunch/some food porn for your time:

Japanese udon in shoyu miso broth with enoki mushrooms, asian greens and soft boiled egg, topped with shallots and sesame seeds

UPDATE: Live Below the Line 2011 recap with meal plan


  1. those mushrooms look so good ... yum

  2. My hubby was telling me about this but he told me we had to live off, as a household, $2 a day and that included everything. I decided that was really not possible especially when i have a young children. but is the challenge $2 each for food only? Are you doing it alone or everyone in your house?
    Good on you, its exciting to see.

  3. It's $2 a day on food, not including other expenses (:
    I'm just doing it myself, so I'll be purchasing $10 worth of groceries to last me the 5 days before I start!

  4. I'm doing this starting from Sunday of this week. Good luck with yours.

    I'm in no doubt after looking through your Blog that you will put me to shame with your food choices!!

    Sue xx