Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Fresh, Chinatown

I was so excited last week about my baking escapades I actually forgot to finish off all the Ramengeddon posts, however we ended our ramen day at Meet Fresh in Chinatown for Taiwanese dessert. It was glorious. I'm going to say that I'm pretty certain that this place is vegan (unless you choose to add optional creamer) because the thickeners used to make the taro balls are stated on their website to be potato and corn powder, pearls are made from tapioca and their coconut and herbal jelly are both plant-based and do not contain gelatine. I am not a vegan (take note, Aaron) but I say this out of consideration for my lame vegan friends.

Taro Balls 5, Meet Fresh
Taro Balls no. 5 (Shaved Ice, Spotted Beans, Coconut Jelly, Pearls) $5.50

Georgia and I shared the taro balls no. 5, which contains shaved ice, spotted beans, coconut jelly and pearls. The taro balls here are so good, gloriously chewy and sweet, as are the pearls. The beans and coconut jelly make fore a pleasant textural variation while the shaved ice is very refreshing (though too syrup-y sweet for my tastes).

Herbal Jelly 5, Meet Fresh
Herbal Jelly no. 5 (Spotted Beans, Coconut Jelly, Pearls) $5.50

Fieldhouse and Shalia shared the herbal jelly no. 5, with spotted beans, coconut jelly and pearls. I'm not a huge fan of herbal jelly myself (bad childhood memories of my mother force-feeding me guilingao) but it is pleasantly sweet without the ginseng flavour being over-bearing. You can also add self-serve creamer to any of the desserts. We ate everything despite being unbelievably stuffed after already haven eaten four bowls of ramen prior. It was that good.

Herbal Jelly 5 with creamer, Meet Fresh
Adding creamer

Herbal Jelly No. 4, Meet Fresh
Herbal Jelly No. 4 with taro balls $7.50

Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn St Haymarket, 2000
Telephone: (02) 8339 1031

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  1. Fantastic photos! Look forward to your next tasty post ;D

  2. ooh i've just found my next dessert to try at meet fresh - taro balls no. 5! I tend to stick to the herbal jelly special - the creamer makes everything taste so much better!