Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iku Wholefood, Glebe

Now I doubt that I'll ever buy into the whole fashionably organic and health conscious lifestyle embodied in the slogan "eat well be well", but in an attempt to show me that vegans do actually eat, Myles took me to the original Iku Wholefood cafe in Glebe. This post is dedicated to the veganazi himself.

As an advertising student, I've always felt that any commercial entity that pretends to actually care about you or your well-being comes off rather gimmicky, however Iku seems to pull off this image rather well, at least judging by the success of the franchise in setting up countless chain stores around the city. I respect and commend that Iku caters to all those with dietary requirements such as allergies, gluten and lactose intolerance and all the vegans and vegetarians.

We ordered at the counter and took our plates out the back of the shop to eat, where there was a small courtyard-like area decked out with wooden platform seating, no tables but a scattering of colourful cushions, and plants everywhere. It was all very inner-city bohemian.

Macroburger, Iku Wholefoods
Macroburger $9.80

I ordered the decidedly least healthy/most familiar-looking item on the menu, which was the Macroburger - a tofu fritter served on a steamed wholemeal bun spread with tahini sauce, topped with leafy green salad and Iku dressing. I wasn't actually sure if the burger came with a side serving of salad or if it was just the sheer amount of greenery in the burger that overflowed onto my plate, but after even after I finished the burger itself, I looked down to see that my plate was still turfed in a healthy layer of lettuce. The tofu fritter was also very chewy and slightly sticky, I couldn't really pinpoint a flavour, however it was definitely wholesome-tasting, and the tahini sauce was a winner. Overall the burger was somewhat plain, but really I feel healthier just looking at it.

Cauliflower Soup, Iku Wholefoods
Cauliflower Soup $6.50

Perhaps a little heavy on the parsley garnish this time, Myles' cauliflower soup was smooth and light. I only had a tiny bit as Myles was sick and had already contaminated it with his horrible germs, but I tasted a subtle flavour of cauliflower and miso.

Blueberry Muffin, Iku Wholefoods
Blueberry Muffin

In amongst all the other good-for-your-body/soul foods, the baked goods looked deceptively healthy, however a glance the nutritional content on the Iku website will tell you otherwise (if you're calorie-conscious, don't even think about the cocoa cardamom muffin). Not that I personally minded of course, after all the plants I'd consumed that day, I was looking forward to some sinfulness in the form of a blueberry muffin. I always find vegan muffins slightly dry with the exclusion of milk, butter and eggs, however this one is lovely and moist, with sweet bursts of berry.

All in all, I left feeling full and guilt-free, yet still oddly unsatisfied and craving saturated fats. I guess I'm just not mature-minded enough to be health-conscious, but at least Myles got two more stamps on his loyalty card.

Iku Wholefood
25 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe 2037
Telephone: (02) 9692 8720

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