Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caffe Amici, Sydney

I went lens shopping last Friday to look for a replacement for my nifty fifty and ended up going to lunch with Alfred, who is currently my photo slave due to my lack of equipment. We found Caffe Amici tucked away on a corner of Kent St, it was snug and cosy and the pasta was amazing; the crew spoke Italian to each other and there were hanging lights made from coffee cups. Their chalkboard menu is small but impressive and complimentary bread and dips were provided upon being seated. All images courtesy of Alfred Tsang.

Ratatouille Penne, Caffe Amici
Ratatouille Pasta $14

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I have a million things to catch up on now that my internet is finally uncapped and my uni break just started. Al had the ratatouille linguine (actually penne that day) of which I had a bite, the sauce was sweet and succulent and very flavoursome, with a great balance of soft proven├žal vegetables and perfectly cooked pasta.

Pesto Penne, Caffe Amici
Pesto Pasta with beans and potatoes $14

I am the biggest sucker for pesto so naturally I went for the pesto linguine with beans and potatoes. Absolutely no complaints about the lack of linguine as the penne was wonderfully al dente and the best pasta I've had in a long, long time. Possibly ever. The pesto was tasty and aromatic, coating the pasta perfectly without being overly oily. Beans were soft and the potatoes in tiny pieces added some textural variation and lovely subtle flavours, while the generous pile of parmigiano reggiano on top added bite.

Bread and dips, Caffe Amici
Bread basket with chutney, olive oil and balsamic, and pesto dip

Caffe Amici
1/355 Kent Street,  Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9279 0953

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  1. ur photos are very good! thumbs up! :)

  2. Haha we have Alfred to thank for that! (:

  3. If the crew are chatting to each other in Italian, good sign :)

  4. yumm.. the pastas lok so hearty~

  5. Yay, this is my fave cafe, just around the corner from where I work. They are a great crew - very friendly and do the best coffee in Sydney if you ask me!

  6. Thanks guys! i'm Alessandro The owner of Caffe Amici, Thanks for the pics and the great review!
    We will be on facebook soon ... we will improve the menu' with good stuff!
    See u soon in 355 Kent St.

  7. Thank you for the amazing post...hope you will come back to visit us soon and like us on facebook
    Ciao Bella!