Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sushi Roll, World Square

Awhile ago May Ann came down from Brisbane to visit during mid-semester uni break and we had some cheap Asian funtimes for the sake of the good old Awesome Gang. We ended up at Sushi Roll at World Square for a thrifty rotating dinner, it was pretty standard sushi train fair with lovely fresh sashimi and fairly reasonable prices. I was too busy chowing down to take photos of everything but hey, enjoy some limited food porn:

Philadelphia Roll, Sushi Roll
Philadelphia Roll $4.60
Avocado and cream cheese inside-out roll wrapped in salmon, topped with Japanese mayo and tobiko

Salmon and Asparagus Nigiri, Sushi Roll
Salmon and Asparagus Nigiri $3.60
Salmon sashimi and steamed asparagus nigiri topped with Japanese mayo

Inarizushi, Sushi Roll
Inarizushi $2.20
Rice wrapped in fried tofu skin

Fried Prawn Nigiri, Sushi Roll
Fried Prawn Nigiri $4.60
Crumbed fried prawn nigiri topped with egg salad

Cooked Salmon Nigiri, Sushi Roll
Aburi Salmon Nigiri $3.60
Salmon nigiri topped with Japanese mayo and pickled ginger, lightly seared

California Roll, Sushi Roll
California Roll $3.60
Crab, avocado and cucumber inside-out roll covered in tobiko

Sushi Roll
Slicing sashimi

Sushi Roll
Shop 1019 World Square, 644 George St, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9283 1881

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  1. the Fried Prawn Nigiri looks beautifully crunchy! :)

  2. Great photos, i've heard great things about a sushi train at world square, not sure if its this one.

  3. my work hood! i heart the aburi salmon!

  4. AHH that's what it's called, thanks Suze!

  5. Fantastic photos! Aburi would have to be my fave nigiri style... :)

  6. It's mine too! I love that smokey charred flavour mmm

  7. love the sushi shots! what camera and lens do you use ? :D

  8. These were taken with my kit lens, a very old Canon 28-80mm

  9. Aburi Salmon Nigiri would most probably be my fave sushi.