Monday, July 18, 2011

St James Hotel Bistro, CBD

Super quick post, Alfred and I stopped at St James Hotel for a good ol' pub lunch last week. Hooray decent food and decent fares! Unhealthy but so delicious, and so worth it.

Chicken Schnitzel, St James Hotel
Chicken Schnitzel w/ Chips $9.95 with Mushroom Sauce $1.50

Angus Rump Steak, St James Hotel
300gm New York Sirloin Steak w/ Mash $9.95
(Photo courtesy of Alfred)

Bruschetta, St James Hotel
Bruschetta $5.95

St James Hotel Bistro
114 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9261 8277

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  1. The Bruschetta at the St. James is absolutely incredible :)

  2. ooh that schnitzel looks perfect

  3. Ah, good ol reliable 10 buck steaks here :)

  4. super cheap!how do they do it ?? (expensive drinks on fri/sat nights at their club maybe?>? heheheh

  5. Yeah I think St James Hotel hosts some clubbing nights with cover fees haha. But if you go to Lansdowne on the corner of Broadway/City Rd, they have $7 schnitzel/steaks! Star bar has $6.95 specials too but you have to buy a drink (:

  6. Meals are very cheap; with this kind of serving I might have 3 orders of Chicken Schnitzen with Chips.

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