Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Via del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé, Westfield Sydney

Whoops, I was in such a rush I totally forgot to include this is the last post! After our hearty pub lunch, we decided to continue our gluttonous afternoon with ice-cream for dessert from Via del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé at the recently opened (I'm a few months behind, okay?) 'high end' food court inside Westfield Sydney.

Sorbet Estivi, Via del Corso
Sorbet Estivi $7.50

A choice of three scoops of sorbet, topped with whipped cream and berry sauce with a wafer chip, served in a wafer cup. Almost too pretty to eat! But too indulgently delicious not to eat.

Pistachio Ice-cream, Via del Corso
Pistachio Gelato $5 (one scoop)

Semi-sweet and slightly nutty gelato, with hidden pistacho flakes. I've never had pistachio in ice-cream before and the the concoction was a little odd at first but I was easily converted. The pistachio flavour was subtle yet distinct, and the gelato was smooth and creamy.

Via del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé
Level 5, Westfield Sydney, Pitt St Mall, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 8236 9200

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  1. Pistachio ice cream has always weirded me out a bit - I've never been brave enough to try it. Whenever I eat pistachios (in nut form) they're salted, hence my apprehension.

    I'm definitely trying it now.

  2. I always have unsalted nuts because I've always perceived their natural flavour as leaning more towards sweet than salty!

  3. everyone HAS to try the pistachio icecream at Bar italia norton st leichdartt (spelling lolz) i once ate a pistachio flavoured biscuit and was so put off i never ate anything pisatchio again but this icecream made me fall inlove!

    i havent been to the new westfields (what kind of food blogger am i haha..)

  4. Hahaha I didn't even see the new Pitt St until June! I'm pretty awful at fitting the role too, everyone expects me to watch MasterChef too and I finally did see an episode this year and I couldn't stand the dramatisation...