Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daikichi Ramen, Chinatown

Hello! Sorry for not updating in ages - unfortunately I recently lost my phone and all my blog notes were on it. If you would like to purchase me a new iPhone, please feel free to do so. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I embarked on a mini afternoon ramen tour with The Ninja from The Ninja Review. First stop was the new Daikichi Ramen, to where I was directed to by Sherry.

Daikichi Ninniku Ramen, Daikichi Ramen
Daikichi Ninniku Ramen $10.80

I am the biggest garlic fiend, so naturally I went for the Daikichi ninniku ramen which was fragrant with dried garlic slices and topped bamboo, chasu pork, nori, shallots and half a perfectly soft-boiled egg. The broth was porky and soy-flavoured, not too heavy and the noodles were just right. I wished the pork were of the fattier cuts though.

Daikichi Shouyu Ramen, Daikichi Ramen
Daikichi Shouyu Ramen $9.80

He-who-must-not-be-named's daikichi shouyu ramen was the basic version of mine, lovely rich broth which I found similar to Menya's and two big slices of lean pork. Also hooray for perfect googie eggs in every bowl!

Chicken Karaage, Daikichi Ramen
Chicken Karaage $3.30

We couldn't resist ordering a side of chicken karaage. Three pieces of crunchy deep-fried chicken which we found delicious and surprisingly un-oily.

Daikichi Ramen
5/209 Thomas Street, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9211 2450

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