Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Min Sok Chon, CBD

The fabulous Mr. Joseph Dang decided gather troops and head to Korean for Friday night dinner and I blissfully obliged. Min Sok Chon is small restaurant tucked away on Liverpool St that Joseph and Nathan frequent but didn't know the name of until I decided to blog about it (this seems to happen a lot). There were also some nice banchan side dishes which I didn't photograph, the favourite being the gamja jorim (glazed potatoes), which required many refills.

Dolsot Steak Tartare, Min Sok Chon
Yukhoe Bibimbap $16

I have a confession. Ever since I was a little kid watching my parents make dinner I've always thought that raw meat looked way more appetising than when it is cooked (I was a strange child, yes). So naturally when I discovered tartare this year, I was delighted. The yukhoe bibimbap is the Korean take on steak tartare, served cold in a stone pot with sauteed spinach, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and red cabbage and topped with a raw egg yolk and sesame seeds. Underneath is a steaming pile of freshly cooked rice, and when mixed the combination becomes warm and scrummy. Despite Florey being grossed out by the idea of eating raw meat (she refused to try it), I found when mixed, the meat didn't have a strong taste apart from the soy marinade. All together, the dish was delicious and I scoffed it down and was the first person to finish eating (every time).

Bulgogi, Min Sok Chon
Bulgogi Deobap  $12

There were two orders of bulgogi deobap at our table, a popular Korean dish of marinated stir-fried beef with onion, carrot and cabbage served on a sizzling hot place, with a side of rice. So much nice things were said about this dish, though I didn't have a taste.

Fried Chicken, Min Sok Chon
Ganjang Chicken $18

The ganjang chicken was encased in a thick, crunchy coating that was a punch of flavour. The combination of both strong sweet soy and savoury flavours oddly worked for me. The oily deep-fried batter encased succulent and juicy pieces of wing and leg.

Min Sok Chon
Ttukbaegi Bulgogi

Dolsot Bibimbap, Min Sok Chon
Dolsot Bibimbap $12

The dolsot bibimbap consisted of barbecued beef, lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, shiitake mushroom, sauteed spinach, bean sprouts, topped with a raw egg yolk, hot sauce and sesame seeds, served over rice in a stone hot pot.

Dolsot Bibimbap, Min Sok Chon
Stirring action shot (last three photos courtesy of Charlotte)

Min Sok Chon
1/116 Liverpool Street, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9267 7798

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  1. Wow. Sensational looking food there. I think I must try!

  2. I like it there, been a frequent customer over to Min Sok Chon! It's good. I can't go without their rice-cakes and the bulgogi. :)