Monday, November 7, 2011

Hurricane's Grill & Bar, Ryde

I'll ashamedly admit that last week was my first ever visit to Hurricane's Grill & Bar. I've seen the pictures of giant slabs of meat, listened people go on and on about the ribs and still managed to somehow bypass the expanding steakhouse franchise. But no longer - last Wednesday night I was finally met with more meat than I could ever ask for.

Half Rack Pork Ribs, Hurricanes Bar and Grill
Hurricane's Pork Ribs with Chips $29.90 (Half Rack)

Following the advice of my carnivorous friend Sharon, I went for half a rack of Hurricane's pork ribs, a glistening arc of bone and meat, glazed in their special basting sauce. Underneath rested a golden river of crunchy chips, but they were of course mere accessory to the big slab of pork. The edges were slightly charred and crispy, the rest of the meat was falling-off-the-bone tender and all drenched their sweet, smokey BBQ sauce. This is also the first time I've had proper ribs and was hence introduced to the messy, sticky ordeal of eating like a caveman. But it was worth it.

Rump Steak, Hurricanes Bar and Grill
Rump Steak 350gm with Baked Potato $33 with Mushroom Sauce $2.50

All steaks and ribs are accompanied by a choice of chips or baked potato with sour cream, my dining companion Geo opted for the baked potato, which I ended up eating (because I am a pig). Rather unexciting when one could have the unhealthier deep-fried version of potato, but c'est la vie. As far as I could tell the rump steak was more than enough a serving for an average person at the smallest size of 350 grams, and looked very nicely done and tender. I didn't have a taste and in retrospect, I regret not doing so just from looking at the photo.

Bacon and Cheese Burger, Hurricanes Bar and Grill
Cheese and Bacon Burger $22

The less adventurous of our dining party opted for burgers, which actually looked really good but in my humble opinion, paled in comparison when there were ribs and steak on the offer. There was also complimentary bread for the table, lovely brown rolls with flaky crusts and soft, warm centres that were perfect for mopping up sauces.

Pepper Burger, Hurricanes Bar and Grill
Pepper Burger $21.50

We visited the newest Hurricanes branch at Top Ryde City, a huge glossy establishment with lovely staff who managed to squeeze in our group of eighteen without a booking (on a Wednesday night). Having worked as a waitress before, I know how annoying big groups can be, but it was all worked out with a minimal wait, so snaps for them!

Hurricane's Grill & Bar
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, Cnr Devlin St And Blaxland Rd, Ryde 2112
Telephone: 02 9130 7101

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  1. ribs and rumps is better. come to olympic park and i'll prove it to ya!

    1. Don't we almost live in the same suburb? Drive me there!