Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blacksheep, Newtown

When a good friend of mine informed me earlier this year that he'd jumped on the Sydney small bar bandwagon, I was a little skeptical at first. He'd taken over what used to be Funky Bar on the main strip of Newtown, a place I'd never considered entering ('Funky Bar' sounds like it was named by your parents). However last month Blacksheep quietly opened its doors to the public on the timely eve of Black Friday, and I was incredibly impressed by the sexy fit-out. With a fireplace and armchairs, dark wood and chandeliers, it feels like the right balance of luxe and homey. Dimitry joked that they'd originally wanted to remove the wine-red velvet tapestry wallpaper adorning the back walls because "it looks like something out of a Turkish brothel". Personally I'm glad they kept it, although I think it makes the place look more like Hugh Hefner's reading room than an eastern European whorehouse. Perhaps you may find me sitting in an armchair at the back wearing a smoking jacket drinking milk from a chilled crystal glass, รก la the playboy himself.

On the topic of drinks, the cocktail menu is comprehensive as it is unique, starting at a reasonably priced $13 for classics - for the full low-down, you can read my bar review on Eat Drink Play (there will be pyrotechnics). A modest menu is also on offer, with light snacks to line your stomach and sustain your drinking. The chef is Liam Rooney, who having previously worked with the likes of The Vanguard and The Abercrombie, The Norfolk et al, pumps out similarly tasty diner-style nosh and tapas from the open kitchen.

Sliders, Black Sheep
Sliders $12

The sliders come with three choices of filling stuffed into a miniature brioche bun - beef and relish, mushroom and halloumi, and chicken and mayo. Choose three for $12, my favourite is the chicken and garlic mayo, but then again I'm always a sucker for pan-fried halloumi. Yeah nah they're all good.

Corn, Black Sheep
Mini Corn Cobs $6

The mini corn cobs are fantastic to munch on, the sweet juicy kernels are slathered with chipotle mayo and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Cheesy and mildy spicy, they make a great beer snack. I may or may not have licked residue sauce off my plate.

Dog, Black Sheep
Pulled Beef Roll $12

As a big fan of pulled pork, the pulled beef roll is my favourite dish so far. Tender, melt in your mouth slow-cooked beef is shredded and stuffed into a fat brioche roll and topped with cheese and green onions. It's served with a 'reduction dipping sauce' which is unusual, but really works. Liam refuses to disclose all the ingredients to me but I can taste soy sauce and something sweet... it just goes so well with the beef.

Banoffee Pie, Black Sheep
Banoffee Pie $8

On the specials menu is the banoffee pie, a moreish construction of a buttery crumbed biscuit base, rich toffee, banana slices and thick cream - the flavours of caramel, cream and banana are an awesome combination. It's served with a sugary tangle of pashmak, a rosewater flavoured Persian fairy floss with a wool-like texture, made with sesame and sugar. Another reason to come for the drinks and stay for the food...

256 King St, Newtown 2050
(02) 8033 3455

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  1. Funky Bar was pretty lighweight food-wise, but the tapas here look good despite the cliches. Love pulled beef so looking forward to trying it here!

  2. mmm pulled pork, one of my weaknesses, all the food looks delicious and especially the corn now that's it's summer

  3. i love pulled pork! if only that was available as the little cute slider :) what an awesome find!

  4. mmm corn and mayo = win and hotdamn the banoffee looks incredible

  5. Mmm. I definitely think we'll pop in here soon. I liked Funky when it was a cafe, when it tried to become a bar it went downhill and the service really suffered. I think though, that we might need to give this place a try. We need more small bars in the world, the more they build, the more crowded they all seem to become.

  6. The mushroom and haloumi slider sounds YUM!! Love places that do fun bar food.

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