Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen, Chippendale

Tucked away on a unassuming street in Chippendale is The Duck Inn, a local pub and kitchen which could easily become a second home. I attended a blogger party there a few weeks ago and was super impressed by the quality of food dished out by head chef Mitchell Davis. The menu is up-market pub grub, it changes seasonally and features only sustainably sourced produce. We kicked off our dinner with an amazing pink lady cider (by The Apple Thief, I'm 90% sure), which was refreshingly crisp with a balanced sweetness. Its colour was an unusually pale and clear with a pink tinge, looking more like a sparkling rose than apple cider.

Beef Sliders, The Duck Inn
Beef Sliders $13

Miniature burgers seem to be one of the biggest trends in Sydney in recent times, you'd probably be hard-pressed to find a bar menu without something of the sort on offer. The beef sliders here were stacks of cute little grilled patties, BBQ relish and cheese, topped with a miniature gherkin.

Ortiz Anchovies, The Duck Inn
Ortiz Anchovies $18

I had always hated seafood growing up, but since expanding my comfort zone with food, I've really developed a certain fondness for the piscine family. Even stronger flavoured fish such as mackerel and sardines I've found a liking for, so of course I'd find that I have a taste for anchovies. Salty, oily, fishy. These Ortiz anchovies were delicious dipped in cayenne spice and eaten with a slice of artisan bread with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Tapas Tasting Platter, The Duck Inn
Tapas Tasting Platter $22

The tapas tasting platter was a gorgeous array of chorizo, dates, pickled pearl onions, semi-dried tomatos, mushrooms, anchovies, rocket salad and toasted sourdough. Somebody recommended trying the anchovies with the dried dates, the clash of mellow sweetness of dried fruit and the salty fish was certainly interesting but not really my thing. I found the less unusual combination of spicy chorizo and anchovies much more palatable, especially with the sourness of a juicy semi-dried tomato.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli, The Duck Inn
Hand Made Wild Mushroom Ravioli $18

My main course choice of handmade wild mushroom ravioli was stunning, I wasn't expecting something so wonderful and sophisticated from a place with the ambience of your local pub but it exceeded all my expectations. Intensely fragrant with truffle oil, the soft parcels were packed with beautifully subtle flavours. The al dente pasta encased a earthy filling of mushroom, and was dressed with sage butter, heady truffle oil, parmesan and crunchy walnut crumbs. Dreamy.

Deconstructed Beef, Mushroom & Ale Pie, The Duck Inn
Deconstructed Beef, Mushroom & Ale Pie $26
w/ creamy mash, pea puree and puff pastry

Tasmanian Salmon Fillet, The Duck Inn
Tasmanian Salmon Fillet $24
w/ lentils, watercress and orange basil vinigarette

Wattleseed Crusted Kangaroo Fillet, The Duck Inn
Wattleseed Crusted Kangaroo Fillet $26
w/ sweet potato, watercress, tomato, ginger chutney and ale jus

Scotch Fillet, The Duck Inn
Grasslands Pasture Fed 300gm Scotch Fillet $30
w/ heirloom tomatoes, fries and chimmi churri

Dessert Tasting Platter, The Duck Inn
Dessert Tasting Platter

The dessert tasting platter was sight to behold. There was passionfruit panna cotta with passionfruit and strawberry macarons, sticky date pudding with toffee sauce and double cream, and a chocolate lava cake with minted vanilla bean custard, strawberries and port reduction. My favourite was the pudding, the dense and sticky cake was dangerously indulgent with the rich toffee and cream.

The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen
74 Rose Street, Chippendale 2008
Telephone: (02) 9319 4415

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Figs & Brie dined as a guest of PEPR


  1. your blog doesn't help the fact that I shouldn't be eating :(

  2. HEY! it's john pham (from earlwood!) and i came across this blog of yours and gotta say it looks pretty awesome! good photography.

    And btw. i love food so yeah, tis why i bothered taking a look haha

    hope all is well.

  3. This pub is fairly close to my office but I've not been back since the changed things looks great! I don't mind a slider...or two.

  4. Oooh the wild mushroom ravioli look stunning! As does all your photography. I should really get out more ;) x

  5. who wouldve thought a pub would serve a deconstructed pie & a dessert platter! awesome find!

  6. That ravioli looks amazing! Isn't it fun to find incredible food in unexpected locations?