Friday, May 25, 2012

Lately on Instagram II

Another filler post... I'm terribly sorry I haven't been blogging here much, just been so overrun the last few weeks with uni assignments, attending events and writing for Eat Drink Play, working with Secret Foodies, working my day job, and photographing for my friend Joseph's blog. As you may have noticed, some of my photos are blurry because I drop my phone on a daily basis and the camera as stopped focusing as a result. I've even taken to using my friends' phones to photograph my meals and sending it to myself in order to instragram them, sorta gives you an idea of amount of effort I put into being another stereotypical Asian taking photos of food.

One final thing - Figs & Brie was nominated and became a finalist in the Ultrabook Pedestrian.TV Blogster of the Year awards. If you could pretty please throw a vote my way, I promise brownies for all if I win!


  • A fantastic three-course lunch I had at Scarlett Restaurant at the newly refurbished Harbour Rocks Hotel, The Rocks
  • Murakami and instant ramyun on a night in; beef salad with glass noodles and mint at Missy K, Surry Hills, bresaola with rocket, a fantastic lamb provolone pie at The Commons in Darlinghurst
  • A batch of freshly baked brownies; Penfolds wine tasting at The Blocks; cocktails and pumpkin ravioli with burnt butter, sage and amaretto at the Janus launch party
  • The most amazing brunch of creamed eggs with truffle oil at Dank St Depot, Waterloo; comfort food in between uni classes, ramen at Fuji Ramen on Broadway; soft boiled eggs and shaved parmesan at Fratelli Fresh, Woolloomooloo

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  1. I love this post...perfect summary of an eating week. I also just checked out your friends fashion blog...are you taking ALL the pictures...lovely looking blog. I'm pretty sure I voted for you already..but shall double check to be sure.

    1. A week! I wish. This was a compilation of the last two months haha.

      And no, I take most of Joseph's photos for the blog, but he took his own during MBFWA so I haven't been with the last few posts. And thanks Mel! :)

  2. ive never heard of Scarlett Restaurant! yay a new place to try :) the presentation of the dessert looks so good! :)

  3. Omg .. your blog is a nightmare for me because it makes me so hungry !!! Look at all those food .. it wouldve been worst if im on a diet. And damn that ramen .. I loveee ramen omg .. this is a heaven and hell at the same time. I don't really want to follow your blog because it might turn me fat but I can't resist but press the follow button!

    Such a great food blog you have darling :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! Love your blog too :)