Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Pie Tin, Newtown

If there's one food that is considered inherently Australian, I'd say it'd be the meat pie. I have very many memories of eating re-heated Mrs Mac's pies from the school canteen, topped with those single-serve squeezy tomato sauce packets. Thankfully as the years went on, I've discovered pies of a higher calibre and Newtown seems to be a Sydney hotspot for these.

Before Newtown station underwent renovation,  next door stood the Rose Sunrise Bakery, where you could acquire a mediocre pork roll or the most amazing meat pie. Honestly I was obsessed, the flakiest, most buttery pastry known to my taste-buds encased beef bathed in the richest gravy. Oh god I loved those pies. It should also be mentioned that another current love of mine is the pumpkin, feta and coriander pie from Janet's Pies, which I discovered after a pub crawl down King St late in the night after they had run out of meat pies. However, newest kid on the block and pie affection contender, The Pie Tin popped up recently off the main drag of King St. Another pie shop in Newtown? I  had to go check this out.

Creamed Chicken & Wholeseed Mustard, The Pie Tin
Pie, potato mash, leaf salad $11

Pies here are around $6.80 each but you can get one with two sides for an even $11. Definitely a decent lunch and look, I even ate some green stuff. You can't go wrong with mashed potatoes and gravy, and the leaf salad is good at giving the impression that you're eating healthy. Sort of. The pies are big with golden flaky pastry and a wide selection of generous fillings.

Creamed Chicken & Wholeseed Mustard, The Pie Tin
Creamed Chicken and Wholeseed Mustard Pie

Okay so I don't really remember what exactly this pie is called, it was new and I can't find it on their online menu but it was terribly good. Chunks of chicken bathed in creamy mustard sauce, it the tastiest out of all pies I tried here.

Chunky Steak & Stout Pie, The Pie Tin
Chunky Steak & Stout, kumera mash, coleslaw $11

The chunky steak and stout is a solid meat pie to smash down with a beer. I'm a sucker for the kumera sweet potato mash too, and the coleslaw is creamy and fresh.

Pork & Apple Pie, The Pie Tin
Slow Roasted Shredded Pork with Apple & BBQ sauce, kumera mash, Boston baked beans $11

The slow roasted shredded pork with apple & BBQ sauce is filled with soft and succulent pulled pork, the apple and BBQ sauce add a sweet, smokey flavour. Do try if you like your savoury pies rather sweet. Goes down great with a cider. The Boston baked beans are great too, rustic and smoky with a hint of bacon.

Lamb & Rosemary Pie, The Pie Tin
Lamb & Rosemary Pie $6.80

The lamb and rosemary pie is fantastic as well, tender strip of lamb in a fragrant rosemary gravy. The pastry on this one is also a killer.

Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll, The Pie Tin
Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll, coleslaw $7.80

The pastry on the pork and fennel sausage roll is out of this world. Thick, crunchy and messy as hell. The filling great too, you can't really go wrong with pork and fennel.

Lemon Meringue Pie, The Pie Tin
Lemon Meringue Pie with Double Cream $6.50

The lemon meringue pie is huge, a decent base of crust and lemon curd is piled with a ludicrous amount of meringue and served with a pot of double cream. I found the meringue super sugary, but I'm not much of a dessert person so what would I know?

The Apple Pie that ate Newtown, The Pie Tin
'The Pie that Ate Newtown' XL Apple Pie $7.50 

Dubbed 'the pie that ate Newtown', the XL apple pie is indeed a monster. Bursting with apple slices with a heady cinnamon aroma, the sugared crust could barely contain the innards. I didn't eat this but doesn't it look impressive?

The Pie Tin 
1a Brown St, Newtown 2042
(02) 9519 7880

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  1. mmm need me a pie now :) savoury or sweet, either one will do. I love that they come with hearty sides too!

  2. Yum yum yum! The pork one sounds great... but I'm SUPER keen to try the Boston baked beans. A total comfort food for this American expat!

  3. its been too long since I got to read one of your posts <3

  4. Must try and get there soon! 2 hours at the Gym first :)

  5. i didnt see the Creamed Chicken and Wholeseed Mustard pie when i went! now i know what ill be returning here for :)

  6. The pie and coleslaw may seem tempting but the double cream is a lot to take in. And I thought I've seen enough of the confectioneries, seems like there's still more to just this heavenly goodness. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. I've only been here once...probably best for my waistline I'd say (tho that apple pie looks amazing)!

  8. Nice article. Pastry is my one of most Favorite. I want to try this golden flaky pastry. It is looking great design and delicious for eating. Thanks for cooking and sharing in this blog.
    Beverly Karshner

  9. pies are so underrated! had a harry's tiger pie at some ungodly hour last night (pies taste so much better after midnight). have you tried strudel baron on victoria rd drummoyne?

    1. No I haven't! Must add to my pie list. Pies definitely taste better after midnight. Except Pie Face. Pie Face is crap 90% of the times I've had it but I always end up eating there at 3AM because they're the only place open.

  10. I went to this place today after reading this and many other recommendations. It was delicious :)