Monday, June 11, 2012

Eat Art Truck, Sydney

I was super excited when I first heard news of Sydney's food truck revolution. Late night dining would never been the same again! No more stomach-churning kebabs, McDonalds or the poor excuses for pies from Pie Face. Eat Art Truck, the second of the food truck fleet to hit the city streets, is manned by ex-Tetsuyas sous chef Stuart McGill and ex-Quay sous chef Brenton Balicki. Dishing out Asian-inspired take-away from one side of the truck, the other is a roaming canvas featuring work by local street artists.

Chicken Sembe, Eat Art Truck
Chicken Sembe $5

The chicken sembe is to die for, almost literally. Artery-clogging deep-fried chicken skin is drizzled with chilli mayo, the greasily satisfying crunch is just so good yet so bad. The chilli mayo adds a little kick, enhancing the ridiculous moreish-ness of the pieces. If something that tastes so good is this bad for you, then I don't want to live.

Kinpira Salad and Spatchcock Ssam, Eat Art Truck
Kinpira Salad $8 and Spatchcock Ssam $12

The kinpira salad is a mix of gobo (burdock roots), shredded carrot, edamame and sesame seeds, sauteed with soy sauce and mirin. It's refreshing, crunchy and a little spicy-sweet. The spatchcock ssam is served in a lettuce leaf, filled with shredded confit spatchcock, shallots, vermicelli and fried garlic. Fiery with chilli oil, it was very messy to pick and eat, so definitely tackle it with a fork.

Pulled Pork and BBQ Beef Rolls, Eat Art Truck
BBQ Beef $12 and Pulled Pork $12 

The BBQ beef is a spicy piece of work, slices of meat stuffed into a sweet bun with coleslaw and doused in hot sauce. It was super tasty but my wimpy taste buds struggled to handle the heat. The pulled pork was much more to my liking, with hot smoked pulled pork in the same soft bun with mustard cabbage and wild turkey BBQ sauce. Succulent, sweet and saucy, it's definitely my idea of a perfect late-night feed. The truck also offers a selection of house-made juices, my favourite being the apple and pomegranate, which is pulpy and sweet with whole pomegranate seeds floating around inside.

Eat Art Truck
Streets of Sydney
0439 841 008

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  1. The chicken skin is def amazeballs! U gotta try the pulled pork next time, extreme awesomeness!

  2. I keep hearing about the amazingness of that chicken skin. I'm going to have to find the truck for myself soon so I can test it out!

  3. I liked the food from here A LOT but thought it was REALLY expensive - esp considering the meat isn't free range. I ended up getting a few vego things...the tofu SSAM is really nice but was the same price as a meat dish. Hmmm?

  4. how do we find them? :) is there a schedule? they look yummy yummy!

    Nora Finds

    1. They publish a weekly schedule on their website and facebook page and also send out updates through their twitter (:

  5. Hellooooo chicken skin! The pulled pork sounds amazing.

  6. the pork looks so juicy! i really want to try the
    Tsuru Food Truck :)

  7. I had a taco last weekend from one of the food trucks! Love the idea!!

    Nora Finds

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