Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lately on Instagram III

This week I'm doing my tax return and consequently weeping over the many thousands of dollars I've spent in the last year on eating out. To make myself feel better I like to imagine that I've been walking around to various establishments with handfuls of stacks and makin' it rain. I'm living a lifestyle I cannot afford to maintain on my uni student budget but my power of denial is pretty strong. So I'm pretty much trying to justify my excessive spending by posting photos of the food on this blog - as the old philosophical saying goes, "if you eat a meal without putting it on Instagram, did you really eat it?"

  • Antipasti platter, caprese salad and arancini for Ladies Who Lunch at The Village, Potts Point. There was also pumpkin salad, salt & pepper squid and margarita pizza, Pimms lemonade and dessert.
  • Apple and raspberry crumble with vanilla bean anglaise, chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream at The Village; potato and feta cake withs smoked salmon at Kazbah, Balmain
  • Turkish coffee at Kazbah; learning to make seafood paella in a cooking class at Extra Virgin Fine Foods, Crows Nest; parsnip and feta salad at Bodega, Surry Hills

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  1. This looks amazing! Your blog is fantastic, keep it up Jenny!

  2. I've got a job and am not a student and even I'm eating out way more than I can sad.

  3. "If you eat a meal without putting it on Instagram, did you really eat it?" That just cracked me up. Of course, I had to put down the iPhone and push away my newly photographed lunch in order to type this comment, so my answer would be NO! :)