Monday, July 9, 2012

Wilbur's Place, Potts Point

From the brains behind Bourke St Bakery, comes Wilbur's Place. Wilbur's is a tiny little eatery with communal tables that sit a mere twenty-three people, so be prepared to wait for a table on busy Friday and Saturday nights. Thankfully, you can leave your phone number and staff will call you when a table is ready so there will be no need to queue out in the cold. The food is more than worth the wait, homely Modern Australian fare paired with very reasonable prices.

Suckling Pig with Lentils, Cavola Nero & Rosti Pear, Wilbur's Place
Suckling Pig with Lentils, Cavola Nero & Roast Pear $22

The suckling pig with lentils, cavola nero and rosti pear is a killer combination of flavours in one dish. The roasted pork was succulent and soft, torn into generous chunk and topped with a golden piece of crackling. The skin so perfectly delicate that it was flaking off, the crisp piece of crackling was the highlight of the dish. Lentils and Italian cabbage combat the richness of the pork, sitting in a lightly flavoursome broth while the soft roasted pear lends soft caramel flavours that go perfectly with the meat.

Artichoke & Broad Bean Oriechette with Pecorino, Wilbur's Place
Artichoke & Broad Bean Orecchiette with Pecorino $19

The artichoke and broad bean orecchiette with pecorino is a hearty serving of pasta and vegetables tossed with olive oil and topped with fried breadcrumbs and fragrant cheese. A moreishly salty and oily pasta dish, I was completely enamoured by the crunch of the bread and the cheesiness of the pecorino. The beans and artichoke were a good combination, however some of the orecchiette was a little undercooked.

Roast Pork, Wilbur's Place
Roasted Suckling Pig with Borlotti Beans & Brussel Sprouts $22

The menu is modified regularly and this previous incarnation of roast pork is the roasted suckling pig with borlotti beans and brussel sprouts. The same melty meat sits atop a flavoursome tumble of beans and soft braised sprout leaves. The crackling is consistently good, breaking with a satisfying shatter upon biting.

Pan Roasted Mulloway, Wilbur's Place
Pan Roasted Mulloway, Black Cabbage, Saffron, Chickpeas & Garlic Sauce $22

Generally I'm not one to select the fish option from a menu but after having a long lunch at Otto that day, I thought I'd settle for the lightest main on offer. The pan roasted mulloway with black cabbage, saffron, chick peas and garlic sauce was a light dish full of fresh flavours. The fish was perfectly soft, with a crisp roasted skin and well with the garlic sauce, which I wished for more of.

Crispy Baby Potatoes with Salsa Verde, Wilbur's Place
Crispy Baby Potatoes with Salsa Verde $6.50

Every time I dine out with Joseph, he begs me to order a side of chips or fried potato, so of course we had to have the crispy baby potatoes with salsa verde. Generally I'm not a big fan of baked potato - they have a tendency to be plain and bland at the centre, but however these were fantastic. The soft baby spuds are encased in their ludicrously crunchy skins and seasoned well, decorated with lashings of herby salsa verde. No boring bits here.

Apple and Raspberry Pie, Wilbur's Place
Apple & Raspberry Pie with Ice Cream $12

The apple and raspberry pie with ice cream is enough to plant a sweet tooth in anyone's mouth. The crumbly golden pastry easily gave way to a deep pink filling of apple and raspberry that was insanely good. The smear of caramel and scoop of refreshing ice-cream were luscious accompaniments to the pie, the sweet creaminess rounding out its tart berry flavours.

Brioche Ice-cream Sandwich, Wilbur's Place
Toasted Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich with Caramel $12

The toasted brioche ice cream sandwich with caramel has endured every change of the menu at Wilbur's. So popular it seems, that it has become a permanent fixture on the offerings. Two slices of buttery toasted brioche bread encase a slab of ice cream and are coated in a caramel glaze. Naughty, but so nice.

Wilbur's Place
34 Llankelly Pl, Potts Point 2011
(02) 9332 2999

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  1. I got a tingling sensation in my mouth when I looked at that pie :/

  2. you totally made my day by following me back! i love your blog so much since it was so hard for me to find sydney based teen food blogs with awesome reviews anx stunning pictures you know? ;) and this place sounds great to me already and the prices are really reasonable i agree except for that dessert! 22 sounds a little steep to me!

    1. Love your blog and your photography! I always love seeing great photos on food blogs.

      And shoot, my typo - dessert is actually $12! I've just changed it, thanks for the heads up (:

  3. Oh, yum! Can't decide which looks better... the suckling pig or that brioche ice cream sandwich?!? Potts Point is just around the corner from me. Will have to try this place soon!

  4. Oh wow...all the photos look delcious...I'd have to order everythiing (including fries/tatters - Joesphn is right, they are delicious)! I'm VERY keen to go there - they were shut the last time I wrangled a visit to Potts Pott. Sad.

  5. I've been wanting to come here for the longest time..well since they opened up! But waiting for the weather to warm up a bit since it's outdoor seating and might be a tad chilly. Food looks fantastic!

  6. LIterally walking distance from my house and I haven't been yet. Thanks for the sneak-peek!