Saturday, August 25, 2012

Y M House, CBD

The last few weeks have been so hectic for me, I've barely had time to eat - I've been running around juggling multiple jobs and internships as well as the return of a full-time uni workload. I decided last week that I needed a break from it all and more or less impulsively purchased plane tickets to jet off to Europe for two weeks next month. Needless to say, my bank balance isn't looking to impressed by my compulsive spending so I've resorted to cutting back my dining expenditure.

Thankfully, Sydney still has some to offer in terms of budget meals and you can always rely on random little Asian eateries to deliver a filling meal for under $10. I was introduced to a little Chinese cafe down Bathurst St named Y M House earlier this year by Sharon, who is obsessed with their dessert menu.

Noodle Soup, Y M House
Udon with dumplings, fried balls, chicken $11.80

Dessert menu aside, they also serve a pick-n-mix menu of noodle soups for $9.80, from which you're able to select a type of noodle, broth and two toppings. Awesome heart-warming noodle soup will always cure your ails and leave your belly feeling nourished.

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice, Y M House
Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice $9.80

Strangely enough, they also serve a couple of baked pasta dishes which you're able to have with rice instead. The odd fusion of cuisines piqued my curiosity and I tried the chicken and mushroom baked rice. It wasn't as odd as I'd expected and was a tasty mix of rice wrapped in gooey melted cheese and studded with chunks of chook. You can't really go wrong with carbs, cheese and meat.

Black Glutinous Rice, Coconut Milk, Fruit, Y M House
Black Glutinous Rice, Coconut Milk, Fruit $6

There's an extensive dessert menu of course, with different combinations of asian desserts. I love black glutinous rice and it goes so well with coconut milk, the fruit in this dish just tops it off.

Mango, Saigo, Grapefruit, Y M House
Saigo, Mango, Strawberry, Grapefruit $6

Mango, Saigo, Coconut Milk, Y M House
Mango, Saigo, Coconut Cream $6

The mango, saigo and coconut cream is probably my pick of the dessert menu. I'm fairly certain the mango is from a can as it tastes strangely sweet but it's delicious with the saigo and coconut. I've actually started requesting saigo and coconut cream on its own and was brought a milkshake glass filled with it with crushed ice and a little sugar syrup. It's amazing.

Mango, Saigo, Fruit, Y M House
Mango, Saigo, Fruit $6

Y M House 
73 Bathurst Street, Sydney 2000
(02) 9283 8859


  1. chicken and mushroom baked rice? sounds interesting ... ive only ever had baked pasta! all the desserts look so refreshing :)

  2. the mango, saigo, and coconut cream seems to be my kind of dessert!

  3. most of my fave eats are budget places :).. no better reason to start saving than a Europe trip! soo jelly where are you off too???

    1. I'm going to Berlin for a bit then visiting a friend in Amsterdam for a week :) So excited!

  4. Nothing beats noodle soup for value and tummy-warming!

  5. Oh gosh, that mango dessert looks scrumptious! Good food on a low budget always tastes the best, it's like when finding an awesome item on sale. :)
    And that's so exciting about Europe!!! Have loads of fun!
    Just stumbled upon your blog, and I really love it! Hope we can keep in touch~

    ♥ x i x i a |

  6. Everything looks so fab :) I love the desserts - they look great!

  7. Love all your photos, including the ones on your photography blog!

  8. prices here are pretty cheap...a mango, saigo, fruit for just $6 is a good deal ;)

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