Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lately on Instagram IV: Europe

This is a bit of a belated post, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I was having a stressful month and decided to jet off for a couple of weeks to Europe at the end of September. I was moving around and traveling light, so although I didn't have my chunky DSLR on me, there was always Instagram. It was my first solo trip away from home (disregarding that time in high school I ran away from home for a week), and I was headed 10,000 miles over multiple seas, to live with a series of strangers (and one Sydney friend) in Europe.

My couchsurfing luck was optimal and I stayed with a some amazing people, lovely hosts who showed me around the areas and took me to their favourite places to eat. Here's a snapshot of the various food things I had in Berlin and Amsterdam. Not pictured: amazing traditional German cuisine in Prenzlauer Berg for dinner at Oderquelle, late night post-coffee house stoner eats at random snackbars in Amsterdam, countless black coffees and cigarettes, and my swift but ludicrously chronic addiction to Chocomel, a canned Dutch chocolate milk drink.

  • Mandatory Germany Eat #1 - currywurst, from Curry 36 in Kreuzberg, Berlin; Frühstück für zwei (breakfast for two) of fruit, cold meats and cheeses with fresh bread at Salon Schmück, Kreuzberg; the hangover craving cure bacon & eggs brunch I walked around for an hour to find, at Frida Kahlo in Prenzlauer Berg
  • A felafel kebab and ayran (a Turkish goat's milk drink with mint) at a döner joint in Kreuzberg, an improvised breakfast of dark rye bread toast and feta cheese, shao mai at Yum Cha Heroes in Mitte
  • MGE #2 - apple strudel with cream, at Restauration 1840 in Mitte; MGE #3 - schitnzel, from a pretty legit local German pub, Clarchens Ballhaus in Gesundbrunnen; Van Dobben bitterbal met Dijonmosterd, a miniature sandwich of Dutch croquettes and mustard, at Bar Boca's in Centrum, Amsterdam

Follow me on instagram! My username is lolalost. There are also some more photos I took in Europe on film at my personal photography blog Here, not lost.

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  1. Sounds like a great reality escape Miss Jetsetter!