About Me

A Communications/Advertising uni student currently waffling away her meagre earnings on food and other disposable teenage preoccupations, all the while spending way too much time online. I love food, possess a huge appetite and an apparently bottomless stomach, a combination which carries an unfortunate burden of burning a permanent hole into my very much abused wallet. I also have a soft spot for taking photos, at any given time I will be lugging one of my many cameras around with me, which more often than not, leads to many photos of what I eat.

This blog began as a way of occupying myself in the summer I finished high school, as a marriage of all my favourite pastimes - eating, photography and talking about myself. This is a record of my journey of discovery in the world of culinary delights and far from being a critic of any sort, I do not consider any of my posts 'reviews'. This blog is merely a way for me to document and share food porn, my favourite digs and the occasional kitchen disaster. So here I am - hungry and shutter-happy. Now all I need is food.

You can drop me line at lola@figsandbrie.com